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More than Just Chiropractic Care!

Treating the Whole Person


Dr. Laura Fellows of Family Wellness and Chiropractic in Huntersville, NCAs Lake Norman’s choice for professional Chiropractic health care, Dr. Laura Fellows offers a safe and drug free alternative for pain free life.  Lake Norman residents looking for a chiropractor in Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Concord, Denver and Charlotte, NC rely on Family Wellness and Chiropractic for patient focused health care.

Dr. Fellows uses a variety of chiropractic techniques including the Palmer Method, Gonstead, Logan, Network, Activator, and Sacral Occipital techniques to aid the body in the process of relieving pain, joint fixation, and nerve interference. The use of multiple techniques means she is categorized as a Diversified Chiropractor. With training in ART (Active Release Technique), IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), PFS (Post Facilitated Stretch), Visceral Manipulation, as well as Massage Therapy techniques such as Shiatsu, patients rely on Family Wellness and Chiropractic for a total health solution.


More Than Just Chiropractic Care – Treating the Whole Person

In addition to Chiropractic Services, Dr. Fellows offers nutritional wellness assistance, and therapeutic muscle work. Dr. Fellows and Family Wellness & Chiropractic believe in treating the whole person. Like any doctor, treatment options vary person to person with only one goal in mind, do no harm and treat the issue not just the symptom.

In addition to back, neck, and shoulder pain, patients come to Family Wellness & Chiropractic from as far away as Charlotte and Statesville, for assistance with a broad range of symptoms and conditions.  These include chronic conditions ranging from Asthma or Fibromyalgia as well as relief from symptoms arising from Auto Accidents, Pregnancy and Sports Injuries. Some issues that can be helped by Chiropractic Care may not have a known cause, such as Headaches, Neuropathy (numbness and or tingling) in the extremity, or repetitive use injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Rotator Cuff Injuries. These conditions are often easier to address when they are at initial onset, or acute and occurring for a short period of time, if they are ignored or neglected and allowed to become chronic, the recovery is often longer and more difficult.

Why see a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is an alternative to surgery or medication that focuses on helping your body heal itself.  It has a strong track record in helping with a variety of joint and muscle issues from chronic back and neck pain due to injury to acute symptoms of pregnancy.

Multiple Techniques of Treatment

No two bodies respond to each treatment/technique the same.  Chiropractic Doctors employ a wide range of techniques to help your body aid in its own recovery.  These techniques are aimed at relaxing muscles, restoring joint and muscle movement, and restoring circulation.