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About Dr. Laura Fellows

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About Dr. Fellows

Dr. Fellows is well known in across the Lake Norman area for her reputation as a caring and nurturing healthcare professional.

 “Our goal is to look carefully into the root causes of the pain you are feeling.” – Dr. Laura Fellows

Dr. Fellows addresses affected muscles as part of your care because her approach to chiropractic care is musculoskeletal based. She graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1998 receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Regents University in 1995.
She began studies of the healing arts while still in high school starting with Shiatsu Massage and Reflexology. She received her Level I & Level II Reiki training and certification while studying at NYCC. She has also undergone training in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Visceral Manipulation.
From nutritional support to diversified chiropractic, and therapeutic muscle work, Dr. Fellows assists patients with a wide range of needs.

About Our Office

If you are a new chiropractic patient, you may wonder how you’ll feel after your first chiropractic adjustment. Many people are anxious before they come in because they associate a spinal adjustment with the common techniques that produce a cracking noise and can often be painful. While Dr. Fellows does perform this type of adjustment, she has found that a little muscle work in the area of the adjustment will diminish or eliminate the associated pain. Alternatively, she can use an effective “non-popping” method that will be sure to improve your spinal health and reduce nervous system interference. You may also be wondering when you’ll feel relief from your pain. Because the healing process affects each person differently, there’s no sure way to know how you’ll react or how your body will respond to your first treatment. But, you can take solace in knowing that a sense of relief, and the healing effects of chiropractic care are sometimes felt almost instantaneously after your first chiropractic adjustment.

During your initial visit, you’ll be asked about your health history, current condition, pain or symptoms, and if you’ve had any injuries sustained from sports, car accidents, or other physically traumatic events. You’ll receive a neurological, and orthopedic evaluation followed by a chiropractic exam to determine the course of treatment that will be best for you. This plan will be set in place at your first visit with the initial adjustment, unless x-rays are deemed necessary. If there has been a recent traumatic event Dr. Fellows will always request that x-rays be taken (off site) and read prior to the first adjustment. Throughout the initial visit, exam and treatment Dr. Fellows will explain her findings as well as how she will help your body in the healing process, so that you fully understand both what has created your symptoms and what treatment options you have.

Most people even those under chiropractic care commonly don’t know exactly what adjustments do. Many things cause our spines to become misaligned or restricted from normal range of motion. These stuck joints, known as subluxations, are the result of improper motion of spinal bones, which can affect nerve communications between your brain and your body. This means that they can slightly or significantly pinch and irritate nearby nerves, causing numerous problems with your health. Just some of these problems include muscle tightness and pain, headaches, back and neck pain, and even stomach problems. An adjustment will add motion to the subluxated spinal joints, drastically reducing their effect on your nervous system. Now that you understand what an adjustment is and how it works, you’ll be able to better understand what is going on at your first visit.

The office of Dr. Fellows and Family Wellness and Chiropractic, located in Huntersville NC, is an environment that is more like a home than a sterile doctor’s office. The goal is to make your visits as comfortable as possible so you leave with the best results.